Because how could we possibly fight climate change,
protect forests and save the whales without GIFs?
Greenpeace Australia Pacific
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Today 430 prominent alumni, including Dr Bob Brown, sent a clear message to the University of Sydney : Sell all shares in Whitehaven Coal now. 

The open letter was published in USyd’s student-run paper Honi Soit, and it seems the issue of unethical investment is becoming harder for universities to ignore by the day.

Stand with the alumni today and call for USyd to divest from Whitehaven Coal now » http://bit.ly/1DzdCFc
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Globally, Small-scale fisheries employ about 90 percent of those involved in fisheries. Most of them use low impact gear and are a vital part of the need to move away from destructive fishing towards sustainable fishing. 

Despite this, small scale fishermen are not favored by decision makers. In Europe for example, small scale vessels make up 80% of the European fleet, but they receive only 20% of the fishing quotas. Destructive, large-scale industrial fishing vessels get 80%! 

Say NO to super trawlers today » http://bit.ly/1r5JAB2
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RIP Gough Whitlam.
Today we remember a man who committed his life to making Australia a better place. His brave decisions should inspire us to bravery too, to stand up for the things that we believe in.
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Endangered species on the menu? 
Dangerous mercury levels in your lunch? 
Find out! » http://ift.tt/1vtLhPi
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#LabelMyFish is a massive step towards sustainable fishing. Take action here! http://bit.ly/ZYPYDT
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"Are fossil fuel companies – long toxic to our natural environment – becoming toxic in the public relations environment as well?" 

Naomi Klein talks Lego! 
Read more »  bit.ly/ZL8r6l
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It’s Divestment Day!

If you bank with one of the Big 4 (ANZ, CBA, NAB or Westpac) and want to choose a new bank that doesn’t invest in dirty fossil fuels, join the divestment movement today.

Find out more » http://ift.tt/1vH5iSB
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BRAVE: Pacific Warriors launch into world’s largest coal port (Newcastle) with 50+ solidarity canoes to say NO to coal!

These amazing Pacific Islanders face losing everything to rising sea levels unless something changes

Stand with them in solidarity > http://bit.ly/1vfR21W 

Photo from 350.org Australia
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